Related Projects and Tools
This is an (incomplete) collection of links to ASP related projects and tools developed by other groups. Links are given in alphabetical order.

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ASPeRiX (University of Angers, France)

The program ASPeRiX is an implementation of the stable model semantics for normal logic programs. The main specifity of our system is to realize a forward chaining of first order rules that are grounded on the fly. So, unlike others available ASP systems, ASPeRiX does not need a pregrounding processing.

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ASP Tools (Aalto University, Finland)

A collection of software that has been developed for Answer Set Programming (ASP) purposes by the Computational Logic Group at the ICS Department of Aalto SCI.

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Cmodels (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Cmodels is a system that computes answer sets for either disjunctive logic programs or logic programs containing choice rules. Answer set solver Cmodels uses SAT solvers as a search engine for enumerating models of the logic program.

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DLV (University of Calabria and the Vienna University of Technology, Italy and Austria)

DLV is a deductive database system, based on disjunctive logic programming, which offers front-ends to several advanced KR formalisms.

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GASP (University of Udine, Italy)

GASP is a lazy grounding based interpreter for ASP.

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IDP (University of Leuven, Belgium)

The IDP system is a knowledge base system that implements different forms of inference for a knowledge base consisting of FO(.) theories.

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SeaLion (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

SeaLion is an integrated development environment for ASP. It comes as an Eclipse plugin and aims at helping the programmer to write, evaluate, debug, and test answer-set programs. SeaLion supports the languages of the Potassco solver family (clasp/clingo) and other solvers.

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smodels+lparse (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)

The program smodels is an implementation of the stable model semantics for logic programs.

Lparse is a front-end for smodels that generates a variable-free simple logic program that can be given to smodels.

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This package provides a python framework to build on top of Answer Set Programming tools using the Zope Component Architecture. Currently pyzcasp supports the usage of most common tools from Potassco.

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