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The Potassco Labs suite comprises programs related to Answer Set Programming. These are either small utilities or projects still under development.

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aspartame is a translation-based constraint solver that converts a constraint satisfaction problem from Sugar or XCSP format to ASP facts in order to solve the problem with gringo and clasp.

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aspeed offers scripts to compute timeout minimal time slices and the corresponding time minimal solver ordering to optimize the robustness of solvers.

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asprin is a general framework for quantitative and qualitative optimization in answer set programming.

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bc2asp is a python tool that translates the action language BC into ASP facts.

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Benchmark Set Selection

The benchmark set selection tool filters a given set of instances such that hard and too easy instances are removed and the distribution of instance clusters will be more uniform.

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chasp is a tool to compose musical harmonies with ASP

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claspre offers the pre-processing functionalities of clasp in a stand-alone tool.

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clavis is a toolchain for visualizing clasp's solving process.

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dlvtogringo is a tool that converts output generated by "dlv -instantiate" to Gringo's input language.



fimo is a system for computing finite models of first-order theories (written in TPTP format) via incremental Answer Set Programming. fimo uses iClingo for finding answer sets of the resulting logic program. An answer set represents a finite model of the input theory.



ginkgo uses ASP techniques to automatically generalize learned conflict constraints to make them applicable to other PDDL problem instances.


inca (University of New South Wales, Australia)

inca is a prototypical constraint answer set programming system. Like clingcon, it extends the modelling language of ASP with constraints over finite domain integer variables. Unlike clingcon, inca adopts lazy nogood generation to fully integrate constraint propagation into conflict-driven learning.

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A preliminary version of inca was implemented as preprocessing. It offers various options leading to (non-ground) enodings that can be grounded by gringo.

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lc2casp is a translator for logic programs with constraint atoms to CASP.

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A simple script that transforms ground lparse output format back into a readable format.



The metasp project comprises a set of encodings that allow for handling complex optimization criteria, e.g., inclusion-based minimization or Pareto efficiency. For solving, the Potassco tools gringo 3 and clasp 3 (previously claspD) are used.

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Quontroller is a system based on oClingo to interactively query ASP encodings.

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piclasp, per-instance clasp, provides a wrapper script for the algorithm selector SMAC and a file for the description of the configuration space of clasp



Plasp is an interpreter for a subset of the Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL). Since it uses Answer Set Programming (ASP) for the actual search, it can also be seen as a PDDL to ASP compiler.

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A convenience wrapper for the ASP tools gringo, clasp, hclasp



Pyngo is a bottom-up ASP grounder written in Python with the goal to provide a well-documented grounder exploring bottom-up grounding and related techniques.



Rosoclingo is an actionlib server for the Robot Operating System, using the python library gringo.so. Rosoclingo generates task plans and monitors their execution to fulfill requests issued by clients.

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sbass (University of New South Wales, Australia)

The preprocessor Sbass detects and breaks symmetries in the search space of ASP instances by adding symmetry-breaking constraints.

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xclasp is a variant of the ASP solver clasp, which offers additional facilities for extracting learned conflict constraints while solving logic programs.



Inspired by similar approaches in the field of Boolean satisfiability, the tool xorro exploits XOR constraints to calculate samples with near uniform distribution. Hence, it allows for calculating a few answer sets representative for all answer sets of a logic program. This is particularly useful if the computation of all answer sets is practically infeasible.

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Like Clingcon, xpanda allows for using constraints over finite domain integer variables in logic programs. Unlike with Clingcon, such constraints are expanded, leading to (non-ground) rules that can be grounded by Gringo.

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A collection of miscellaneous helper scripts and files.

Zsh auto-completion for potassco
Gringo syntax highlighting for vim

Potassco Cemetery

The Potassco Cemetery serves as an archive for superseded programs that belonged to the Potassco suite.

Potassco Cemetery

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