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The Potassco Apps suite comprises projects related to applications of Answer Set Programming using Potassco systems. These are usually a set of encodings possibly including auxiliary software and scripts.

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The BioASP software collection includes applications for analyzing metabolic, signaling and gene regulatory networks, consistency checking, diagnosis, and repair of biological data and models. They allow for computing predictions and generating hypotheses about required extensions of biological models, as well as designing new experiments and finding intervention strategies to control the biological system at hand.

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Curriculum-Based Course Timetabling

The curriculum-based course timetabling (CB-CTT) problem has been proposed in the third track of the second international timetabling competition. This project comprises a set of ASP encodings for the CB-CTT problem.

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Metabolic Network Completion

This project comprises a set of encondings that calculate minimal completions for a metabolic draft network. For further information see the publication below.

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Minimal Intervention Strategies

This project comprises a set of encondings that calculate minimal intervention strategies in logical signaling networks. For further information see the publication below.

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Ricochet Robots

Alex Randolph's board game Ricochet Robots offers a rich and versatile benchmark for ASP. As it stands, it represents a simple multi-agent planning problem in which each agent, i.e., robot, has limited sensing capacities (that is, only bumps are detected).

The Ricochet Robots visualization tool robotviz allows for displaying the board with barriers, robots, and targets as well as for animating robot moves in a stepwise fashion.

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Binding and Routing for Multi-Core Systems

The Binding and Routing problem, coming from the domain of System Synthesis is comprised of the following problem:
Given a set of tasks, together with an utilization cost for each task, a set of messages between these tasks, a platform containing tiles and a network connecting the tiles. Find a binding for every task to exactly one tile, while also routing each message through the network dependend of task placement. The maximal utilization of every tile must also be satisfied.

In addition to the basic encoding, optional optimization criteria as well as heuristics are provided for refining the solution of the binding and routing problem for a subsequent scheduling.


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